Dizzy the Dolphin and Friends

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Due to the terrible Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic most kids are having to stay in-doors for their own safety, and the safety of relatives and friends. It can be difficult to keep young children occupied when they can't go to school, nursery, kindergarten or play with friends. For this reason we have decided to give free access to the following cartoons while the 'lock down' is in effect.

Please feel free to watch these cartoons and share this page as much as you like while they are available, but you may not download the cartoons or upload them to any other online account. Many thanks for your support and feel free to message us on our social media channels if you like them.

Dizzy the Dolphin and Friends
Episode 1 - Ruler of the Sea

Follow Dizzy on an exciting adventure where she must solve the clues to discover who will be the next... Ruler of the Sea! (This is the non-personalised version of the cartoon which is available to buy with the name of a child of your choice.)

Dizzy the Dolphin and Friends
Episode 2 - The Sea Monster Trick

Dizzy and Oscar the Octopus get a surprise, but where did it come from?

Dizzy the Dolphin